Are you fed up with being tired or tired of running on empty?
Are you busy caring for others  - but who cares for you?

Do you adopt Graceful Swan Syndrome; adept at gliding calmly but paddling like billy-o and somehow still never quite getting it all done.

Rediscover and reconnect with yourself on our overnight Pilates and  yoga meditation retreat. If you feel you cannot commit to an overnight stay, you can opt for a day retreat and experience a class and workshops.
See Dates and Prices for more details.

A combination of Pilates and yoga classes, meditation, mindfulness and colour breathing to feed your soul, and good food to feed your body!
No unwanted distractions or unwelcome interruptions. No obligations or roles to fulfill. No multi-tasking. Focus on yourself.

You will have space to relax and unwind. We relax by letting go of tension. You will learn how to just...let go. And when it's time to leave, you will feel energised and rested. Refreshed, recharged, rejuvenated.

All the activities promote the mind-body connection solving the issue of disconnection that struggling with your day to day life brings.
Pilates will realign your body and make it function better for you. When your body functions well, your mind follows suit. The body is designed to move and Pilates and yoga will relax and energise you.
​ food for a pure healthy glow.

​​Rejuvenation Retreats

​​Rest, Relax, Revitalise
Amanda is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, trained at the renowned Clifton Practice, with over eight years experience. She has worked in the complementary health field since 2000 and qualified as a Pilates Instructor in 2006. She completed her back pain specialty qualification
in 2011, training with Body Control Pilates.

Amanda classes herself as a 'recovering fatiguer'. She received her diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in 2009 not long after becoming fully self-employed.  After utilising all the therapies at the therapy centre she co-owns she attended a retreat where she discovered that changing the way she ate made a huge difference in managing the condition. Over the years Amanda has experimented on herself with food and the result was a book published in 2016 titled Eating for Energy (available on Amazon).

Amanda already runs workshops in Pilates, meditation and therapeutic writing but has decided that a reatreat with a combination of those experiences and her knowledge of managing fatigue is a better way to offer support in this challenging world.