Are you fed up with being tired or tired of running on empty?
Are you busy caring for others  - but who cares for you?

Do you adopt Graceful Swan Syndrome; adept at gliding calmly but paddling like billy-o and somehow still never quite getting it all done.

Rediscover and reconnect with yourself on our overnight Pilates and  yoga meditation retreat. If you feel you cannot commit to an overnight stay, you can opt for a day retreat and experience a class and workshops.
See Dates and Prices for more details.

A combination of Pilates and yoga classes, meditation, mindfulness and colour breathing to feed your soul, and good food to feed your body!
No unwanted distractions or unwelcome interruptions. No obligations or roles to fulfill. No multi-tasking. Focus on yourself.

You will have space to relax and unwind. We relax by letting go of tension. You will learn how to just...let go. And when it's time to leave, you will feel energised and rested. Refreshed, recharged, rejuvenated.

All the activities promote the mind-body connection solving the issue of disconnection that struggling with your day to day life brings.
Pilates will realign your body and make it function better for you. When your body functions well, your mind follows suit. The body is designed to move and Pilates and yoga will relax and energise you.
​ food for a pure healthy glow.

​​Rejuvenation Retreats

​​Rest, Relax, Revitalise
Stillness comes from within

When was the last time you honestly stopped completely?
Without checking your phone or any other device.
Without thinking there something you ought to be doing.
When did you last slow right down and take real time for yourself without guilt or difficulty?

Isn't it about time you changed that?

Set in the peaceful surroundings of the Penny Brohn Centre, Pill on the outskirts of Bristol, you can stop the world, take a breath and let go. 

Go on, while you're reading this. Stop. Breathe deeply. Isn't that good? How about a day or weekend feeling that good. With a combination of relaxing acitivities such as Pilates, yoga, meditation, colour breathing and mindfulness, coupled with good wholesome food, you get to feed mind, body and soul.

This will be your time to retreat away from the world and reconnect with all facets of your Self.
With an ensuite room you can enjoy total privacy. You can choose to meander in the woodlands, taking in the landscape. Alternatively, you can sit in the sanctuary or library and read or allow yourself to simply Be.
Let the tension ebb away as you indulge in timeless moments of guided meditation.
Effortlessly balance your energy centres with colour breathing.
Just allowing yourself to properly rest will recharge your batteries. Combine that with fantastic food, the odd raw chocolate energy ball and Pilates at a pace you set and you'll be ready to face the world again.


The ethos of Rejuvenation Retreats is: Rest, Relax, Revitalise. You may arrive feeling tired of life and dog-eared or frayed at the edges, but you will leave feeling refreshed and with a much better outlook on life. This retreat is suitable for you if you are just a bit tired of life, or if you are struggling to manage a fatigue-related condition.

Throughout the weekend you will have the option of personal space and private time if you so desire. You will have the option of Pilates and yoga classes, guided meditation and colour/chakra breathing. We will toddle off on a mindfulness walk weather permitting (bring waterproofs and decent shoes; a little drizzle won't stop us!).

You also have the option of indulging in a fantastic treatment.
The cost of treatments is not included and can be found below. Pre-booking is essential.

Seated Acupressure Massage Special retreat rate of £15 (female therapist)

Thai Massage £40 (male therapist on Sunday morning only)

Reflexology/Thai Foot Massage £30 (male therapist on Sunday morning only)

All treatments are carried through clothing with the exception of the foot massage/reflexoloy.


Rejuvenation Retreats are co-ordinated with your ultimate benefit in mind. Amanda is a Clinical Hynotherapist, Pilates Instructor and has personal experience of managing fatigue.
The therapists invited to join Rejuvenation Retreats are a fantastic pair. Highly qualified with an holisitic approach and empathic ear. They will ensure your treatment is tailored to what you need.